Large-scale price study underway

Part 6 in a series chronicling the One Sorry Blog Baseball Card Sell-Off
By Paul Rivas

Editor’s note: One Sorry Blog founder Paul Rivas is selling off his baseball cards on ebay with seller name onesorryblog, keeping only a precious and worthless few. He intends to sell every last card that will bring money at auction and donate the remaining 30,000 for no tax break. Realizing that his last hurrah in the hobby is upon him, Rivas is recording and reflecting on the experience at One Sorry Blog, the thinking collector’s blog.

Thanks to the many multiple buyers I’ve had so far! I think this is what we’re all striving for. In my experience, doing several deals with the same buyer or seller makes life easier and cheaper on all fronts. I suppose these folks have been enticed by the option ebay gives viewers to view a seller’s other items, as opposed to finding several of my cards on unrelated individual searches, but I don’t know for sure.

Today was my first big day item-wise, with 27 auctions closing. 24 things sold for about $100 total. Not surprisingly, two Jermaine O’Neal parallels and a chingered Doug Flutie rookie did not sell. I still have 131 items for sale, and each of the next few days will involve action similar to today’s. My autographed George Gervin white replica rookie from Topps Chrome, I think, went for $12.05. I’d started it at $9.99, the highest minimum bid I placed on any card in this entire firesale, because I wasn’t sure too many people would be looking for Gervin cards, and I didn’t want to let it go for too little, since I like it plenty and would have been happy to have kept it. Yet today I posted a remarkable 12-card Gervin lot that already has one bid. I also have an 86-87 Fleer card of him for sale. Jermaine O’Neal and Al Harrington autograph inserts bring a buck or two. This shocked me as being absurdly low, but I suppose it shouldn’t. My Byron Scott autographics only went for $4, and he used to run with Showtime. Remember those Skybox autographics? I knew a guy in town who paid $200 for the Grant Hill.

If you’re wondering which is Kobe’s best rookie card besides Chrome, it’s apparently E-XL 2000 by a nose. My Kobe E-XL-2000 sold for $19.05 as compared to my Finest, which only brought $17.50. I professed to have every Kobe rookie card, which I was sure I did until I went running to my parents’ house to dig up the Topps Chrome that I saw was bringing $130 on ebay only to find that I literally had every one but that one. Disappointing, but had I checked my inventory beforehand, I wouldn’t have wasted a trip. I had the O’Neal and Garnett 96-97 Topps Chrome, but not the Kobe. I do have every Garnett rookie, but they’re going fast. It’ll be interesting to see which inserts command bucks and which slip by for 99 cents.

A Canadian bought my Mark McGwire Finest mullet card, and my autographed Garnett insert is going to France. People are really taking to my $1.50 shipping option, as I thought they would. All I did today was put up that Gervin lot and possibly the only two sets I’ll sell intact: 90 Leaf and 96 SPX. I was proud to have made the 90 Leaf set, and I was probably one of the only 12-year-olds in town to put one together. I collected the 96 SPX in my time working at Rob and Eric’s card shop. I tried something a little different today, and listed the shipping for each of the above three items at $9, instructing buyers to consider this when bidding. I’m curious as to whether it will have any effect on the final price. I have quite a few older basketball cards finishing tomorrow.

Whose rookie year card do you think will bring in the most: Dr. J, Moses Malone, Gervin, Darryl Dawkins, Magic, Bird or Rodman?

4 responses to “Large-scale price study underway

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  2. Hey Paul, I sent you a note on the “c0ntact seller” button on Ebay but I don’t know if you got it. I just wanted to say that I’m riding the nostalgia wave with you. I’ve pulled out my old notebooks and am working to complete sets and insert sets I’d given up on over 10 years ago. I used to hang out at my buddys card shop and talk rookie cards and sets as long as I could stay. I worked to complete sets and got burned when high dollar buyers would dump the middle tier inserts a few months later for pennies after I’d paid top book when they first came out. My buddy had to close the shop around ’04 or ’05 and now sells on Ebay and a internet shop. I’m told I should break up my sets into team sets to sell them off, but I just can’t. Having recently ended a 17 year long relationship, I had to clean out and pack up my “Sports Palace” where I had a shrine area and a veiwing area for watching sports. Lots of memories made in that attic-I mean”sports Palace”. Hell, I never got rid of any sports related item-all ticket stubs,parking passes,pins, coins,hats(all from the cities represented not my local store!)balls, bats, posters, starting line-ups, shot glasses, hockey sticks,basketballs,helments, mini helments, footballs, programs, newspapers and cards, cards, cards!! Maybe someday you’ll see all my stuff on Ebay, but for now, I’m a adolescent boy with a gold card and I’m having a blast! Thanks for your blog and for returning some of our friends to new homes. I’m buying and watching several of your items-Ripken,Mantle. Look forward to more blog enteries and even more newly lister items. Wish I’d been on Ebay when you first started! Thanks again- Lenny Lasater aka bigdaddylenny on Ebay.

  3. Thanks, Lenny.

    I was referring to you and others when I mention in Part 5 that folks have been encouraging.

    One thing I continue noticing is that my selling off all my cards has got people thinking about their card collections in all sorts of ways, from wanting to get everything graded, to devoting a little more time and energy than they had been to their collections and finding it greatly rewarding, to thinking about selling their collections like I’m doing and then dropping the idea when they realize how much work it would involve.

    I also now see that you’ve bid on several of my very favorite things, which I only got around to listing on ebay after the big-$ stuff sold. Good luck!

  4. hey man.
    i am intersted in both kobe and vince carter’s, still have any?
    also i am selling my private hot stuff, like the playoffs contendor tom brady auto rc, the sp rc, of tom brady and manning P, and many more!\let me know if we can work some things out!

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