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  1. While I enjoyed this blog entry (and not just because my name was mentioned), my comments aren’t directly related to it.

    Inspired by Paul’s blogs/ebay sales, my interest in cards has been kicked up a notch. Not to say I want to run out and start active collecting again…but just in general the state of the hobby now and in years past…my personal history and such.

    Yesterday I went over to Borders and bought a baseball Beckett (it was cool, they had the fatty edition that actually has some stuff in it) and a regular basketball Beckett (which has very little in it). As Paul mentioned, I have won a couple of his auctions and bid on a few more. All with no real idea the value of any of the cards.

    It was interesting to see some of the prices in the price guides. Many much lower than I recalled, but a few higher than I expected.

    Basketball seems like it has taken a big hit. Remember that ’89 Hoops set I mentioned getting stolen, well I guess I can feel better now that Robinsons SP Rookie is $10 in Beckett and I checked ebay and you can get one for a couple bucks (almost tempted to pick one up). I had bought quite a few packs of ’88-89 Fleer back in the day and fortunately I had traded away most of the big money cards back when they were in their prime (I may have a set, but can’t swear to that). I think I remember Rodman’s rookie rocking a $60 price tag at one point…now I see my remaining two in my binder are valued at $12. I put an ’81 set together…not worth much, but has Bird/Magic’s second year cards (I don’t have the rookie)…and I think one or two decent rookies. With the exception of his rookie year, I have all the early Magic cards (he was my favorite baller). Nice to see his ’86 and ’87 Fleer cards are still in the $20-25 range at least. I don’t have a ton of really high priced basketball cards. I do have quite a few of Shaq’s rookies…including a few of the ones you had to mail into UD for (and the returned hole punch/stamped trade cards). I have a Gold Topps rookie…I got mine in a pack…but I remember Rob Garcia paying premium prices for one at a card show. Anyone know what my UD McDonald’s rookies are worth 😉 I remember buying those packs for 25cents with any purchase. I lived right next to the McDs on Milpas and would stop on my way home and get an ice cream cone and a pack of cards nearly every day while they were selling them. I think I made a bunch of the small sets…I remember giving them away to a few people. I see I had a couple extra Shaqs in my binder.

    Baseball surprised me a bit too. I had bid on two of Paul’s McGwire rookies. Not knowing what they were worth, I bid $10 bucks on each. My bro was a big As fan from that era and I thought I might get one for him and then thought what the heck, if I get them both I’ll keep one. I can’t remember for sure, but I think after breaking the HR record that card was pushing $100…I see it’s now fallen down to $30 in the guide. Had I known the value at the time, I would have bid higher on Paul’s cards (at least one)…especially since they both ended up going for $10.50. Surely I would have paid $15 for one for my bro.

    Paul mentioned the ’89 UD…I see those prices have dropped drastically since I last looked. Oh well, still cool to have the best Griffey/Johnson rookie cards…even if they were mass produced…and considering I probably traded some junk to Rob for them. I don’t feel bad, I traded Rob an Alex Rodriguez Fleer Waive of the Future card for some Jeff Conine insert…I can picture it…a shiny Select something or other.

    I worked late last night…til after 11pm actually. But still, inspired I grabbed a few binders out of the garage…and my box of minor league baseball cards (interested after seeing Paul list the ’92 UD set on EBAY). In ’93 I got into a minor league kick and have a bunch of stuff from ’93-’96. I was mostly interested in UD, but got some Classic, Action Pack, Signature, and others too. In all the ones I collected, I seem to have all the big money players (sometimes multiples and nice insert cards)…Rodriguez, Jeter, Damon, Jordan…etc. Didn’t notice any big money autographs (A.J. what’s his name (the catcher) was in the book for $10). I bought a box (maybe multiple) of some classic 5-sport cards cheap at a show….’95 or ’96, forget now. But with all the money cards, I think the “Dick Trickle” cards are still my favorites. Part of my reason for checking last night was to see if I had ’92 UD minor league cards…Looks like just a few (maybe a pack or two)…I do have a Manny Ramirez and Chipper Jones in my binder. So I will keep my fingers crossed for Paul’s set on Ebay (figure I have a big advantage without having to pay for the shipping that others would). My minor league cards are actually almost all organized (in order)…made it easy to check what I had…nice to see I had the key cards at least. I think I was surprised the A-Rod’s weren’t valued a little higher, but what the heck…He’s a Yankee anyway. I’ll get more enjoyment out of the early Marlins cards that aren’t worth anything.

    At a card show, I had picked up a couple boxes of ’93 Bowman Baseball for $10. I had bought a box earlier (for more I’m sure). I checked my Bowman binder I have and see I have two Jeters in there. I may have a third one in a set in the garage (seems like I put at least one set together). I have a bid in on Paul’s Jeter-less set…so if I get that, I can make at least one complete set.

    I probably stayed up for a couple hours…just flipping through the binders (reminding myself what I had…and laughing at the stuff that’s in there that’s not even listed in the price guides now). Though they don’t list much in the price guides. Paul mentioned the value of those Magic cards I won from him…I can’t say, since none of them are listed…but it was a great deal getting several cards of my all-time favorite basketball player that I didn’t have (out of all of them, I only had two previously). From reading Paul’s blog entries, I suspect he’s like me…it’s not always the most expensive cards that are the most meaningful to me. Just ones I enjoy…either because it’s a favorite player, or a funny picture (I never have picked up a “Fuck Face” card…I have the black out version, but I may some day…But I’m pretty sure I do have a Gary Pettis card that has his teenage brother on it). Those are the most fun to me. I have binders of my favorite sports teams that I love…Steelers/Lakers/Marlins. It’s nice to have an expensive rookie card that you got out of a cheap pack too, but they don’t always rank among my favorites.

    I’ve rambled enough, had a couple interruptions, figure my points are becoming less cohesive as I continue…so I think that’s enough for now.

  2. A few more thoughts…

    First off, I keep forgetting to publicly thank Paul for my winning of the much coveted “One Sorry Blog Baseball Card Sell-Off Readership Appreciation Prize”…I think about it every time I comment, but then forget. Two prize Renteria cards that will be added to their new home in my overflowing Marlins binder.

    I think my very last card show that I went to with Rob Garcia down in LA, I picked up a pack of ’92 Bowman (for I think $2). I opened the pack and was very happy to pull a Piazza! Didn’t that card peak at like $50-60…now valued at $25 in Beckett. And while it’s a nice card with a great picture of one of the best hitting catchers of the modern era…it’s still my second favorite Piazza card. I have a card with him featured in his three uniforms the year he was traded…anyone remember that he was a Marlin for about a week? I love that card. Rob Garcia told me about the card and I picked it up on Ebay back then. I can’t actually swear the physical location of that card at the moment…as it was proudly displayed on my bookshelf in my last house…I’d like to find that card.

    And I’ll share one other related story (seems like there was something else about cards, but it’s not coming to me).

    I also used to be an active comic book collector. Mostly ones I wanted to read, not for investment purposes. Unfortunately, like my card collection from my youth, my comics from my youth didn’t stick with me over the years. Again, in college, I got back into comics in my college years after wandering into Metro Comics downtown and picking up the first issue in a Dark Horse Star Wars mini-series. Not only did I really like it, I found out some months later that those comics had gone up significantly in value. I started reading some new comics…the 20 something issues of John Byrne’s Next Men was among my favorite…also some of my childhood favorites Spider-Man/Silver Surfer. But my reason for mentioning this at all, was that one of my favorite lesser-known characters from the Batman comics was Man-Bat. He didn’t have a ton of appearances…just a few in Batman, Detective Comics, a short run mini-series, and a few random DC appearances. I began my quest for finding them all (I think I have most all of them). His first appearance was in Detective Comics #400. Had some value, more because of Neal Adams than Man-Bat I’m sure, but I always liked to think Man-Bat was commanding the higher price. It wasn’t overly expensive…I’m thinking in the $20 range. I could never find a copy…none of the shops ever had them. I ended up finally finding it at a little shop in Ventura. It’s not Gem Mint or anything, but it’s in respectable condition for an old comic. I got it for $8. Over the years, it’s gone up. Any time I see a price guide, it’s the first thing I check. Now I hadn’t checked in several years mind you. So when I picked up the two Becketts yesterday, I also picked up a Wizard comic book guide. Back in the day, they weren’t the most reliable price guide…but it was all they had…and good for a rough idea. Like Beckett, they hardly list anything these days…but they do have the big titles like Detective Comics…I scrolled down the listing…and imagine my surprise when I see Detective Comics #400 $170. Holy Monkey! Now it doesn’t really matter, because I’ll never sell my copy…but damn, I’m sure glad I bought it back in the early 90s! I was little disappointed to see that my original Star Wars #1 was only $30…I think it used to be more. I had all the early SW comics in my youth…but my current copy is one my bro bought me for my bday a few years back. Those are probably a tie for my two favorite comics. Lord help me if I pull out my comic boxes from the garage haha (though I won’t do that while I have card stuff out…that’d be too much). The only comics I have in my house are the SW#1 on my bookshelf…and a small micro-wave popcorn box that houses much loved Man-Bat collection. I don’t actually know how well Man-Bat is. My house mate (and friend since Jr High) still actively collects comics and every once in awhile he’ll get me a comic with Man-Bat in it…and he’s gotten me two Man-Bat action figures…so, someone besides me must know about him. My all-time favorite frame of Man-Bat is in some Action Comics (I think)…he’s over Superman who is cowering in fear…thought bubble reads “Monster gonna get me!”.

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