This Is One Sorry Blog

In Coroico, Bolivia, at the end of the 'World's Most Dangerous Road'

Paul Rivas created One Sorry Blog in the hopes that it would someday become the Repo Man or La ley de Herodes of blogs. He currently operates One Sorry Blog from the Buenos Aires Desk thereof. One Sorry Blog also has desks in London, México D.F., San Francisco, Lompoc, the Goleta Foothills and on the Mesa.

All photos by Clare Nisbet, except one by Julie Nisbet. All generic images taken from the Internet.

Header design by Denise Williams.


The CONTRIBUTORS to One Sorry Blog are experts eager to share their knowledge. We attempt to post one worthwhile piece of writing per day. Tattoo our schedule on your forehead so you know what to look forward to when you get up in the morning.

Mondays: Eat Me (Food)
Tuesdays: One Sorry Blog News Service (News that’s so real it sounds fake)
Wednesdays: Network TV Slut (What America’s watching)
Miércoles: Recetas magistrales (Corporate office work Argentina style)
Thursdays: Notes from the Film Vanguard (Disturbing movies)
Thursdays: Live from the Analog Playground (Good music)
Fridays: Gambling Is Easy (Tips and picks from our pro)
Sundays: Sunday Scrabble Sweepstakes (A word a week is all it takes)


The FRONT PAGE page has the last ten posts, so if you missed a day or two, look no further. The box at the top announces exciting developments at One Sorry Blog, if there are any. The POSTS BY DATE calendar has links to all previous posts on One Sorry Blog. To see the title of the post, leave the cursor on the day for two seconds before clicking. The COLUMN ARCHIVES have all the posts for each of our contributors’ columns. Look in STUFF WE WRITE ABOUT for specific topics covered in our posts. The BLOGROLL has links to our contributors’ own blogs. BLOGS WE BACK are blogs and sites that we support for the good work they do. If you take a trip to a far-away place, check out One Sorry Blog from over there and watch it show up as a little red dot on our MAP. You can SUBSCRIBE to One Sorry Blog by RSS feed. This is the easiest way to make sure you never miss a post on One Sorry Blog.


CONTACT One Sorry Blog by emailing paulsmithrivas AT gmail DOT com.

2 responses to “This Is One Sorry Blog

  1. Mr. Peter Parkah Fan

    This is an interesting blog, but it’s still sorry.

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